March 5, 2010

If your mother says she loves you...

One of the basic rules of good journalism is not only getting information first but also getting it right.

The recent dust up over Justice Roberts' supposed resignation is a good example of law students not checking out their sources.

Anatomy of a Rumor: The Story Behind Chief Justice John Roberts’s ‘Retirement’

By the way, I am really getting to like the OnMason blog site. I am half tempted to move this site to that platform soon.

March 4, 2010

Demographics of American newspapers

I'm trying out my OnMason blog site.

Go here to see an old chestnut.

March 2, 2010

Getting the subject-verb agreement right


I don't like it but I am almost ready to give up complaining when people say/write, "media is."

But when the venerable Gray Lady decides subject-verb agreement is no longer necessary, I guess we might as well all just give up.

It should be "Data show..."