August 29, 2007

Are male journalists really that geeky?

Okay, time to lighten up.

We all know that Google Ads are designed to bring in money for blog operators in a cheap and easy manner. Google places the ads based on the content of the blog. So, for example, a blog on deep-sea fishing will get ads for boat charters, resorts, and fishing equipment.

Imagine my surprise while reading Online Journalism Review among the ads for services to search and review articles was one for "Sexy Singles." The blurb for the ad said visitors can see dozens of sexy and naked women.

Because these ads change with with every page view it is difficult to see the ad again. But it really was there. (Note the screen shot on the right.)

So I now wonder: Are male online journalists so tightly connected with geeks that even the Google software thinks they have to resort to sites like "Sexy Singles" to see a naked woman?

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