February 7, 2008

MSM v. Blogs

Interesting blend of the mainstream media and new media looking at similar issues with different results.

Today's Wash Post had a front page story about how US Customs officers are confiscating electronics without warrants. (P.1)

Also today is a posting on the TSA blog saying bloggers got TSA to correct the practice at some airports of taking out ALL electronics before going through security.

The two are related but not the same thing.

In the case of the Post story the items are being confiscated.

In the blog story, the items have to be in full view.

Still, in both cases the actions of local agents seem to be local and not necessarily a national policy. (Although we should expect to see the bureaucrats circle the wagons on the confiscation issue real soon.)

And let's see if the confiscation policy changes anytime soon.

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