March 7, 2008

Free PDF Writer

Sharing documents across numerous platforms can mean the loss of formatting or other unique features. The solution for many years has been converting the file an Adobe PDF file. The Adobe PDF Reader has long been a free program.

But writing a PDF file has been something else.

The problem for the occasional user has always been the high cost of either the Adobe PDF writer or its competitors. Cost is no longer a problem.

There are a number of free programs that can do the job. I have used CutePDF for a number of years and it really works.

Dennis O'Reilly from CNET has a column discussing the various ways to write PDF files with links to the appropriate sites: Convert any Office file to PDF for free.

And, yes, I know that you can easily write PDF files from any campus computer. But why should you always have to hustle down to the campus to convert documents to PDF when you can do it at home?

Dan Kubiske

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