September 4, 2008

The Word: More than a puppy swatter

More Than a Puppy-Swatter:

"You know what people use these for? They roll them up and swat their puppies for wetting on the rug--they spread them on the floor when they're painting the walls--they wrap fish in them--shred them up and pack their two-bit china in them when they move--or else they pile up in the garbage until an inspector declares them a fire hazard! But this also happens to be a couple of more things! It's got print on it that tells stories that hundreds of good men all over the world have broken their backs to get. It gives a lot of information to a lot of people who wouldn't have known about it if we hadn't taken the trouble to tell them. It's the sum total of the work of a lot of guys who don't quit. It's a newspaper . . . and it only costs 10 cents, that's all. But if you only read the comic section or the want ads--it's still the best buy for your money in the world."

--William Conrad, actor, playing a crusty city editor in "30," 1959

From The Word

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