April 1, 2009

Global Internet freedom measured

A friend of mine in Hong Kong, Tom Crampton, did an interview with Jonathan Zittrain at Harvard.

Zittrain put together a real-time method of tracking censorship on the Internet.

His site is Herdict (Herd Verdict). It really shows what governments are serious about keeping information away from their people.

The downside is that a site might get labeled as "blocked" if the local ISP is slow in loading the site or if the site no longer exists. So you can end up with the United States showing 1,621 reports of blocked sites in the past 30 days. China gets a whopping 2,057 reports in the same time. With YouTube leading the pack in China with 471 reports of blockage compared to 115 accessible reports.

The site offers a plug in for Firefox to allow people to actively participate in the program as well as see results from around the world.

For j-students, this can be an interesting look at how the rest of the world sees the delivery of news and information.

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