October 20, 2008

Foreign coverage of election

Here is an interesting look at the election through the lens of Al Jazeera.

What I find interesting is not the misguided responses people are giving (Obama is a Muslim and a terrorist) but the fact that the questions were asked in a straight forward manner and the responses are coming without prompting.

Compare that to many of the leading questions one hears from other journalists.

And, I wonder, if Al Jazeera could get these quotes in Ohio, why aren't U.S. media outlets also getting them? If they are, why aren't they reporting them?

Is there self-censorship going on when it comes to discussing race, ethnic divisions and basically uniformed opinion?

Maybe the comments in this piece are not mainstream or truly representative of the McCain supporters who show up. But I have seen too many independent pieces from different places in the country that echo many of the comments here.

Maybe a story from the US media about how the foreign media is covering the race might be in order. Maybe even some enterprising students could step up and do the story.

Lots of foreign news bureaus with offices just 20 miles east of Mason. And, given the diversity in Mason, I bet some students could even check the Internet to see how the media "back home" are handling the race.

TBH, I have not seen much other than a few "man on the street" interviews in Europe about this race.

Well there is this one tongue in cheek piece done by a friend of mine in Hong Kong: What Palin Means to Asians

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