October 22, 2008

Tracking Fed spending and making it local.

Thanks to Al Tompkins at Poynter for his Morning Meeting tip today about tracking federal spending.

Using the URL for the Federal Procurement Database I looked at how much money George Mason University gets from the feds for non-student loan programs.

Here is the URL for the contracts GMU got from the federal government.

There is no judgment on the contracts. I mean contracts from the National Transportation Safety Board and Geological Survey are not like the ones Michigan State got 40 years ago to train the South Vietnamese police.

But wouldn't it make a good set of stories for the students to look at what the contracts are about and why Mason won the contracts. (Obviously GMU is the best and cheapest but why did Mason even enter the race to get the contracts?)

And wouldn't it be nice if more info about what Fairfax County/NoVa companies also won contracts?

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