March 10, 2009

Religion and tolerance

There are many ways to look at the issue of religion and tolerance without being judgmental about one's faith.

Gallup recently did a survey of Religiosity and Perceived Intolerance of Gays and Lesbians.

Bottom line is that in areas where people said religion was very important to them were areas seen as least friendly to same-sex relationships.

There have been reports that college students -- in general -- are more accepting of same-sex relationships than their parents. And there have been recent media reports that show young people who consider religion to be important to them are also more tolerant than their parents.

A study in the early 1990s showed a majority of students became more accepting of lesbians, gay men, and bisexual people during their four years at college. Sixty to seventy percent of students entering with negative attitudes became more accepting and 50% of those entering with ambivalent attitudes displayed more positive attitudes at the end of four years.

So I wonder:  What is the situation among college students at Mason who consider religion important to them?

Sounds to me as if this could be an interesting series of articles a class or the newspaper could do.

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