November 20, 2008

Another publication bites the analog dust

PC Magazine is going completely online.

The Ziff-Davis flagship publication will no longer be available on newsstands. According to the New York Times, the publication made 80 percent of the profit and 70 percent of the revenue came from the digital business. The print edition was a drag on the company.

The Times article looked at other publications that are no exclusively online, including the Christian Science Monitor and The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.(FYI, the Doomsday Clock that has been at the top of each issue of the Bulletin is still there. The timeline makes interesting historic reading.)

In my classes when I asked my students, "Do you read a newspaper," they always answered, Yes." But when I asked how many read a print edition, I usually only got one or two positive responses.

Online news delivery is here and finally making money -- for some.

I figure it is our job to make sure that the same rules of ethics and clear writing apply. Just because the reproting is being done online should not mean the rules of proper journalism should be relaxed. (And that, for many of my past students, was a hard part to accept.)

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