November 20, 2008

Follow up to PC Mag and Ziff-Davis

I just received a message from a computer columnist about some more strange goings on at Ziff-Davis.

Seems to cut costs one of its publications is accepting vendor-supplied content for news articles and slide shows.

EWeek news editor John Hazard is reportedly frustrated with the situation. He said he has had to reject most of what comes in.

In addition, Eweek is doing a print feature for 2009 titled "Products to Watch." They are printing a notice that the "products may or may not be reviewed by eWeek Labs. The point of the section is to expand our ability to recommend products that we think are compelling for our

[Thanks to for this insight.]

So that takes us back to the issue of local television news accepting VNRs without revealing the source. Or the hack who sits in the back of the newsroom who just puts his byline on a press release.

It keeps happening and we are not talking about it enough in classes to make sure our students know these things are wrong. (I know some students are confused about this issue because some have told me they saw nothing wrong in it. And I had many 303 -- intro class -- students write their stories by just paraphrasing other reports.)

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