November 12, 2008

For students looking for a story idea...

This is a tongue firmly planted in cheek story about the history of ketchup by a friend of mine in Hong Kong: The history of ketchup.

So here is the story idea:
  • What are the history of other condiments?
  • What is the most popular condiment in the States? (Hint, it's not mustard or ketchup.)
  • What are the most popular condiments on campus? Why?
  • How do students use condiments? (For example, I always travel with Tabasco sauce for just about everything -- except fine French cooking. I find most American food too bland and Brazilian food too salty.)
  • What is "American" food? (Look at the food lines in the Johnson Center. Pretty international fare if you ask me.)
Just ideas being tossed out to help students think outside the box for stories.

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