November 30, 2008

Nerf factory riots and ideas for stories...

Nerf workers riot in China

Yes, the main Nerf factory in southern China is laying off workers. In response, some of the workers demonstrated. Eventually the demonstration turned into a riot. (China has a hard time dealing with peaceful demonstrations.)

Workers riot at Chinese toy factory.

Possible story angles:
  • How have local sales of Nerf or other toys been in this economic downturn?
  • How have other manufacturers dealt with the layoffs that come with an economic downturn? (Hint: contact the AFL-CIO and National Association of Manufacturers for their views.)
  • How significant is the economic connection between US buyers and other countries? (To mention the obvious: China and toys; Korea and cheap cars; India and call centers.)
  • What are the laws in the United States that deal with layoffs and firings?
  • How do the individual state laws affect how a person is treated when he/she is laid off?
  • Are public employees (i.e. GMU employees) treated differently from the private sector?

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