December 2, 2008

Changes in political views?

The hear the left and right echo chambers tell it, Americans have been swinging wildly between the liberal or conservative philosophies.

A recent Pew Charitable Trust survey knocks that view on its head.

Seems the political leanings of the American public have changed little in the past two decades.

"Only about one-in-five Americans currently call themselves liberal
(21%), while 38% say they are conservative and 36% describe themselves
as moderate. This is virtually unchanged from recent years; when George
W. Bush was first elected president, 18% of Americans said they were
liberal, 36% were conservative and 38% considered themselves moderate."


"Still, ideological labels do not always predict opinions about key
policy issues. For example, about half of Americans who describe their
political views as conservative say that all (24%) or some (27%) of the
tax cuts passed under George W. Bush should be repealed. More than
four-in-ten conservatives (43%) say that abortion should be legal in
some or all cases. On the other hand, nearly half of self-described
liberals (49%) favor more offshore drilling for oil and gas in U.S.

It pays to see what the experts say before commenting on changes in the political landscape.

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