January 15, 2009

Facebook Journalism

Journalism groups and schools across the country are running courses or seminars on how to use online social networks in reporting. The National Press Club in Washington seems to run a course like this every month. The DC SPJ is sponsoring one Jan. 24 at Marymount University in Arlington.

So what does Facebook think about all this?

Fortunately for us Rory O'Connor interviewed Randi Zuckerberg, who is part of the network’s creative marketing organization on this very topic

Facebook Journalism

ROC: With slumping public approval, journalism is facing a crisis of trust. We’re looking at how people can find and share credible news and information in hopes of regaining this trust. Do you think Facebook plays a role in this process at all? If so, how?

RZ: The concept of “the trusted referral” is integral to the success of content sharing on Facebook. We’ve found that it is tremendously more powerful to get a piece of content – an article, a news clip, a video, etc – from a friend, and it makes you much more likely to watch, read, and engage with the content.

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