January 7, 2009

Story ideas: Air Force Releases 'Counter-Blog' Marching Orders

The US Air Force has decided that enough is enough. They are now taking on a counter-blogging strategy.

WIRED reports that to make sure the USAF counter-bloggers know when to speak up and when to keep quiet, they came up with a flow chart.

More and more US government agencies are understanding the impact blogs can have. Some, like the Defense Department, hold roundtables for bloggers and encourage discussion. Others, like State Department, use blog postings to put faces to foreign policy. And then there is the Department of Commerce that does not appear to have any blog presence.

And then there is the HHS secretary's blog. TBH, this is a sure cure for insomnia. The most recent addition was back in November 2008.

Just wondering how effective are these blogs? Especially when the agencies in question use the blogs more for spin than discussion. (I will say this for the State Department blogs, they do allow space for comments and some of those comments are not very nice to the US foreing policy. The question is, Is anyone listening?)

But what got me started was the very orderly and oh-so military chart the USAF put out.

Don't you just love flow charts?

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