January 13, 2009

The Obama Effect -- Part 2

The other day I posted a link to an NPR series on how other countries are dealing with their minorities.

Here is the link for part 2 of the NPR series: Immigrants forced to margins of Italian society.

Plus, I ran across this story from Brazil on GlobalPost: For which it stands.

The following pull quote is indicative of Brazil:
“Blacks in the United States had the opportunity to grow socially, culturally, and politically,” Gomes de Jesus said. “So much so that today white Americans elected a black man president. That indicates that whites in the United States came to the conclusion that if you’re capable, you can have power, whether you’re white or not.”

Most Brazilian whites, he believes, do not feel the same way. He suspects that “white Brazilians find it absurd that a black man is president of the United States.”

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