January 16, 2009

More on Sri Lankan editor's death -- and who done it.

Tuesday, Jan. 13 The Guardian of London ran a piece.
"We know who is behing my death": Sri Lankan editor continues fight from grave

Thursday, Jan. 14 the Washington Post weighs in.
Editor's killing underscores perils of reporting in Sri Lanka

The New York Times had a brief notice Jan. 9.
Newspaper editor is killed.

I raise this for students to look at because at Mason we have students from many different countries and cultures. Many of our students want to be foreign correspondents or at least write the occasional piece from abroad. We must never let them forget that the world is a dangerous place for real journalists.

Plus Wicramatunga's final editorial (earlier posted) is one of the best descriptions and defense of free and unfettered journalism I have seen in a while.

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